Anti-wrinkle treatments


Bella Luxe provides anti-wrinkle injections performed by qualified professionals, enabling you to look and feel great. We offer packages to allow you to tackle multiple areas at once for a lower rate, up to three areas at a time. Our anti-wrinkle treatments work by temporarily relaxing the muscle in the affected area, which smooths out the lines, and gives a revitalised appearance.

We also provide special treatments for men and younger women. You can have a ‘Brotox' treatment and appear younger, and we offer Babytox for younger women, which gives a more natural, and is ideal for first timers, and people in their 20s and 30s, looking to eliminate annoying early wrinkles.



Botox Injections 

  • 1 area: £80
  • 2 areas: £110
  • 3 areas: £140

Brotox (for men)

  • 1 area: £120
  • 2 areas: £150
  • 3 areas: £180




Babytox £90
Brow Lift £90
Cat eye Botox £150
Lip Flip £90
Lip Pop £90
Bunny Lines £90
Gummy Smile £90
Turn Down Mouth £90
Face Slimming £150
Teeth Grinding £150
Jaw Masseter £150
Hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating) Treatment £250
Nefertiti Neck Botox £150
Platysmal Botox £150
Snoring Botox £150
Botox Top Up £25